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Premier die cutting solutions for the auto industry.

General introduction

Automotive industry leader for Die-Cut hardboard. Our competition often uses router tables. These router tables are slow, and do not often meet your desired cycle times. With our Die-Cut process, and seasoned assembly teams, we can get the parts you need quickly, and accuratly.

Quality Converters presses can punch out shapes that are truly large scale. We can provide parts that are of any scale. Small sized production runs can really show off our capacity of producing parts, as we would be able to punch out several pieces in a single cycle of any given press.

Send us your prints! Contact one of us, and we will gladly look over your designs, and help you with your project.

  • Reduce waste, and scrap by optimizing space.
  • Material selection assistance for your application
  • Considerations for finish/colors
  • What components to be assembled. Manual, or Auto.
  • Key quality characteristics/Mistake proofing?

Once we have reviewed your project, we can get moving on quoting. Here, we will be looking at volumes/month, and for how long you will be planning for production. Is it a one of a kind job, or a 5 (or more) year contract? Is it a service run?

  • Quoting often envolves many members of our experienced staff.
  • We will be going through the details again to ensure your success.
  • Once quote is completed, we welcome any questions, or changes as needed.
  • Quote can be changed prior order as often as necessary. This will ensure that all of the details are reviewed as things pop up.

Once orders are placed, or contracts signed, we begin shipping soon after.

  • Quality is audited to ensure readiness before launch.
  • Statistical process control is maintained through production.
  • First piece, and Last piece checks inspected frequently.
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Our process

a few steps into our process
  • Idea

  • Concept

  • Validate

  • Production

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